The eRoL System

The English-Romanian Translation Module of eRoL System

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Parallel English-Romanian Syntactic Phrase Trees 6855 entries.

The author would like to thank Natural Language Group of Faculty of Computer Science, Al. I. Cuza University of Iaşi, România and "Mihai Drăgănescu" Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence team from Romanian Academy for providing the resources upon which this system was developed. The author also wants to thank Prof. Dr. Florentina Hristea, Prof. Dr. Dan Cristea, Prof. Dr. Costin Badica and her colleagues from Departament of Computer Science, University of Craiova for their support during these three years of postdoctoral research.

For this research, the author Mihaela Colhon has been funded by the strategic grant POSDRU/89/1.5/S/61968, Project ID 61986 (2009), co-financed by the European Social Fund within the Sectorial Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013.


Instruments & Resources

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Tools & Resources

English Romanian Translator

The translator uses:

  • an English-Romanian Word Aligner
  • a Treebank Generation Algorithm

EN-RO Translator

Sentiment Analysis (OPINION MINING)

The page contains:

  • SA Romanian Lexicons
  • SA program

Sentiment Analysis

Syntactic and Semantic Patterns

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  • Syntactic Romanian Patterns
  • Semantic Romanian Patterns

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